Tips for Growing Your First Vegetable Patch

If you want to give gardening a try for the first time, growing vegetables is a great way to ease yourself in. There are so many benefits to growing your own veg: you save money on food shopping and it is more environmentally friendly.

You’ll find that your food tastes far fresher than anything you’d buy in a supermarket and you can be assured that the foods have not been treated. If you’re a parent, you’ll find that your children have a new found appreciation for vegetables when they have grown them from a seed.

Where to grow your vegetables

First things first, you need to pick a patch in your garden for your vegetables to grow. All plants require sunshine so pick the sunniest spot in your garden. You’ll find that vegetables grown with plenty of sunshine are stronger and more resistant to disease.

What’s more, certain vegetables actually taste far nicer when grown in the sun. Carrots, chillies, onions and tomatoes have a sweeter taste when grown in the sun. When growing salad and strawberries, you may need a bit of shade which can be easily creating with some netting.

What type of soil is suitable to grow vegetables?

The soil in your garden is likely to be suitable for growing vegetables, unless it is extremely thin, shallow or full of stones. If your soil is too thin or full of stones, grow your vegetables in a flower pot or build a flower bed.

How do I keep pests away from my vegetable garden?

It is important to keep snails and slugs away from your vegetable plot. Keep your plot neat and free from weeds to prevent slugs and snails from hiding away. Keep the grass around your vegetable plot well-trimmed. If you have long grass next to your vegetable plot, slugs and snails could hide away and get onto your plot during the night.

To keep slugs and snails away, keep a path between your vegetable patch and the sides. This will leave slugs and snails exposed which encourages birds to pick them up. It also makes it easy for you to identify them and move them away.

How do I protect my vegetable garden from weeds?

To grow a successful vegetable garden, you need to keep your vegetable plot weed free. If you don’t maintain weeds, your vegetables will be swamped by weeds. As you’re planning on eating your crops, you don’t want to add too many chemicals so you can rip out all weeds and their roots as you go.

If you find weeds with extremely deep roots, keep that part of soil covered up with card and top it with 2 inches of compost. This stops weeds from re-growing without using chemicals.

Sometimes you will need to use chemicals, particularly if you’re limited on time. If you’re limited on time, look for a chemical containing systematic glyphosate because this will kill the weed without spoiling your crops in the future.

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