How to Eat in a Healthy and Affordable Way

There are many health advocates who recommend a variety of different foods that will promote your health such as sushi, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and low-carb diets.

While these are considered to be healthier food options by many nutritionists they often come with a higher price tag. There are many ways to eat healthy on a budget and some basic ways to improve your diet in a healthy ad cost-conscious way will be the focus of this article.


Lean cuts of meat and fish are often expensive and a big drain on your budget. Try substituting these expensive cuts of meat and fish with alternatives at least a few times a week.

Alternatives such as beans and lentils provide the same amounts of protein as more expensive meats at a fraction of the cost. Beans and other types of legumes are considered to be healthier in some ways than many mats as they contain lots of fiber and do not have the cholesterol levels that many meets have.

Tofu is another meat substitute that has virtually no flavor but can absorb the flavor of the sauce that it is cooked in. Tofu contains a significant amount of protein and comes in many shapes and textures.

Some people avoid tofu because of its slimy consistency. But a trip to a Chinese market will reveal that there are many forms of tofu that you may not be familiar with including tofu skins and puffy tofu balls. These have varying textures that work well in many dishes.

Fruits and Vegetables

You may be aware of the importance of eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet but may be hesitant to do so regularly due to the cost involved with buying expensive produce.

The key to buying tasty and affordable produce involves knowing and buying what is in season. Purchasing berries out of season can be very expensive but doing so when they are in season yields lower food costs but also tastier fruit.

Better yet, you can grow your own vegetables and fruits to lower your costs and obtain healthier food options. Living in an apartment is no excuse. Container farming can be done on your windowsill and yield many healthy foods that can be added to your foods regularly to enhance both health and flavor.

If you are in a windowless apartment, then simply use a bean sprouter. A bean sprouter needs no light and just a little water. Bean sprouters are cheap and reusable and the seeds cost close to nothing. Further, they are quite healthy and can be added to any meal.

Avoiding the Expensive Solutions

While some expensive healthy foods are good treats from time to time such as fresh fish, others are overpriced gimmicks that should be avoided. Examples include organic foods that are grown in a similar manner to other fruits and vegetables, concentrated plant extracts, and vitamins. Be cognizant of the health benefits and costs of these items when purchasing.


Health and budget are not mutually exclusive terms. You can eat a healthy diet regularly on a limited budget. Try incorporating the aforementioned ideas or find your own solutions to eat healthier at more affordable prices.

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