How Land Is Used In The UK

The UK is known throughout the world as a country with vast expanses of natural countryside and rural pastimes. There are around 60 million acres of land across Britain, which traditionally has been owned by a very small percentage of the population.

In more recent years, however, investors have begun to see land as more of an investment opportunity. As the need for new homes increases and people regularly seek out new outdoors leisure activities, land becomes more of a financial asset.

Owners can receive a very high return on investment if they have a desirable piece of land, particularly if the land can be developed upon with planning permission. Here are some of the main ways in which land is used in the UK today:

Farming and Agriculture 

While traditional British farming has struggled over the past decade, a number of new trends are emerging that could see farmers looking to buy more land in the future.

Many farm owners are showing an interest in expanding their farms to offer other services to the public such as horse riding and camping. There is also an increase in the amount of specialist farms that need new land to be developed upon – ostrich and llama farms are sprouting up across the UK.

Leisure and Sports

There are many hobbies that are perfect for the outdoors. Horse riding, walking and cycling are all popular outdoor pursuits, while more adventurous activities such as archery or quad biking are becoming increasingly in demand.

Wooded areas are more frequently being bought for paintballing, which is now one of the most popular alternative activities for people celebrating birthdays or stag parties.

A lot of land in the UK is also used as caravan and camping sites. Locations near the sea or other tourist spots have a particularly high volume of campsites and often make a lot of money during the summer.


One of the most common uses for land in the UK is for the development of new homes or offices. Land for this purpose can be very expensive to buy, but because of the ever-increasing need for new houses, owning building land can be incredibly profitable.

Some investors choose to look for land for sale that does not currently have planning permission on it. This land may be relatively useless for development now, but land investors are presuming that the demand in future years will mean that local councils will be forced to make the land available for development. Because of the much lower price of this land, owners of this land could find themselves with enormous returns on investment.

As well as homes and business space, a lot of land in the UK is currently being bought for the use of eco-friendly energy supply such as wind farms. This type of land will also become more and more desirable as time passes due to the ever increasing pressure on the public, governments and pretty much everyone else to become a more environmentally friendly nation.

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