Grow a Millenium Garden This Year

The new year deserves something special in the garden. Since this is a planning time throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, you may have time to put a little research into making a special millennium theme garden this year.

There are several ways to go about planning one. Read through these ideas and see if one appeals to you. Or maybe you will find your own special way to commemorate the millennium in your garden

The Research Intensive Version: This is the most difficult way to go, but the results should be something to be truly proud of. The national honor society at Inver Hills Community College in Inver Grove Heights, MN has planned and is planting their version of a millenium garden and sundial to beautify their campus. They have spent a lot of time researching flowers that were found throughout the millenium for the special garden.

They have planted flower bulbs developed in the 16th century to present times. They have plans to include a rose that was developed in the first century and plan to include the rose designated as the year 2017 rose as well as others of significance. Many other flowers will be planted as well with selection based on historical significance and other themes. Newly introduced plants of 2017 are likely to be included as well.

A sundial will be the center attraction and will give time as well as add beauty to the garden. The college is considering options for the sundial and has not made a decision as to what it will be. The garden will be completed sometime in 2017 and I hope to wander through it to enjoy their hard work!

The New Plants Only Version: This garden would include only plants that were introduced or given awards in the year recent years. This could be lots of fun as it would be the ultimate excuse to buy all the new introductions this year and next! Don’t limit yourself to flowers only. Plant everything you think you’ll enjoy!

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