Don’t Let Your Farm Sheds Get Blown Away

Agricultural farms belong to the list of major sources of sustenance for all humans. In Australia, farming is a significant economic sector. In the manufacturing of goods, especially food products, farms of different types are pivotal in primary production. To put it simply, we’ll starve without farms.

Proper maintenance of produce, grains, livestock and farm equipment is highly significant in maintaining constant and better flow of production. People who have been in the industry for long know the value of sustaining the functional capacity and endurance of farm equipment. To do so, they make sure to put up a strong and stable storage facility that can stand through time and harsh weathers.

Building and maintaining sturdy farm sheds is one structural investment farm owners should take into account. However, nature’s harsh onslaughts, like storms harboring fast, strong winds can jeopardize the safety and stability of farm sheds. Other than making sure farm and other industrial sheds are built with durable materials, it is still a must to take extra precautionary and protective measures to protect these sheds from nature’s assault that can come unpredicted.

  1. Survey the area of your farm especially the space directly surrounding your farm shed. Make an ocular site inspection and evaluate the area for possible modifications to make it safer during storms.
  2. If there are loose and weak branches of trees near your farm shed, then have them trimmed so they won’t fall onto the shed. If possible, eliminate trees that could fall on the shed during a storm. Keep the areas directly surrounding your shed free from any destructive objects that might hit it hard in the onset of strong winds. Aside from causing structural damage, falling trees and debris also cause human fatalities.
  3. Instead of using rock or gravel landscaping material in your yard, replace them with shredded bark instead. Shredded barks are more lightweight and won’t cause damage when blown around by strong winds.
  4. Although humans have no control over the force and direction of severe winds, damage can somehow be minimized by making sure that all openings of farm buildings and industrial sheds are securely closed. The strong force of the wind is doubled when it has easy passage inside the farm sheds. Outside, the wind puts pressure or lifting force on the structure. Inside, the wind can break the walls and roof off.
  5. Watch out for important weather updates from radio and TV stations. The more information you have and the sooner you get it, the better you will be able to prepare and protect your property from the harsh forces of nature.
  6. Once some parts of your farm shed gets damaged or hang loose, have it fixed immediately– a dented roof or loose window parts may be viewed as minor imperfections, but when the strong winds come they can cause serious damages. When the strong winds hit them before you had time to do the fixing, they can totally break apart and affect the whole industrial shed especially the equipment inside it.

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