Commercial Growing With Controlled Environments

For the small, domestic grower, a small greenhouse is adequate enough to grow the produce they need. Once the average greenhouse owner has got more skilled and specialized, they naturally want to progress to more advanced growing mediums.

Even the serious fruit and veg grower, who is still a hobbyist, can still have very large greenhouse setups with all the advancements that go with it, like controlled temperatures, humidity, etc.
But, once growing has to be done on either a commercial level or to grow delicate or specialize plants, commercial growing environments then come into their own. We will look at some of these different types of growing environments and when and where they are used.

Botanical contained environment facilities.

This may seem like an overly technical term but essentially it’s having a large-scale building where every part of the growing process can be closely monitored and regulated. When you are dealing with optimum, delicate and possibly rare plants and vegetables, you need to make sure that every aspect of their well-being is catered for round-the-clock.

One such company that deals in these type of large-scale facilities, is These guys are mentioned, simply because they are some great case studies on their website about how these facilities are used. In their overview, they document how they worked with Kew Gardens, one of the most reputable growers in the UK.

From reading their website, they had to design a quarantine facility, which prioritize bio security and containment at the top of the list. For most of us, this almost sounds like a top-secret operation from a film, but at the top end of the growing spectrum, this attention to detail is needed in every single aspect, so only the best facilities will do for the purpose.

These plant quarantine facilities are used quite widely within this area. If you want to know any more about this area, try out the guys above or search for similar controlled environments suppliers online.

Commercial growing.

Really, you could argue that commercial growing is just a reaction to demand. More people require regular fruit, veg. and plants, in season all year round. Commercial growing environments cater for this.

They grow their produce in the most optimum way all year round, allowing us the luxury of eating out of season fruit and veg any time we want. It may also seem on the surface, that large-scale commercial growing environments are there to just grow in bulk, with not much care, as long as the produce meet minimum standards.

This could not be further from the truth, as all these facilities are run by workers which have a passion for this line of work and treat what they grow with as much dedication as if it was their own.

Many commercial growing environments specialize in certain species, which means the workers will have in-depth knowledge in their certain specialism. they will know every aspect of the growing process from start to finish and the individual, optimal requirements for the species they specialize in.

When you speak to these guys, it is almost like they have study Ph.D. in every aspect of the growing process, from growing mediums, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, etc.

Commercial growing environments, although on the surface have many similarities to your domestic greenhouse, are simply run to get the most efficiency out of the system with the most care. It is a very interesting area, at the least can be great supplemental reading for the average gardener. Even for those who wish to get into this area.

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