Books for Michigan Gardeners

Several weeks ago I was visiting an annual Home and Garden Show in East Lansing, Michigan. While there I happen to come across Lone Pine Publishing. The quality of the books on display really astounded me.

I was familiar with this press because I have reviewed several of their books in the past. I enjoyed their books but was really surprised to see the many full-color field guides available in their show display.

Somehow, their on-line catalog had not done justice to the quality of their publications and had failed to inspire a strong interest in me. Today, I want to introduce you to just a sampling of the quality books currently coming off of Lone Pine’s presses. I am sure you’ll be as pleased as I am. Annuals for Michigan. Nancy Szerlag and Alison Beck. Lone Pine.

The authors’ passion for gardening shines throughout this book. They first introduce us to what an “annual plant” really is, how to use them in our gardens, finding which annuals fit our conditions, preparing our gardens, planting the garden with either store bought transplants or those we have started with seed ourselves, and of course, taking care of the plants. They also include a brief discussion of diseases and pests that can cause problems for us.

The majority of the book consists of 2-4 page descriptions of annuals frequently found in Michigan, including many of the newest plant genera currently available to gardeners today.

Each description includes a brief introduction to the plant, followed by planting and spacing information, growing information, and general tips. Recommended cultivars of the various plants and possible problems and pests are also covered. Each plant is illustrated with several pictures of the plants being discussed.

If you garden anywhere in Michigan or nearby states, you’ll want to keep this guide in your car when you are visiting nursery centers looking for plants. Once your garden is planted, move the book to your desk for easy reference during the garden season.

I can guarantee you this book will be worn out from being used! (Hint, you might even want a 2nd copy, 1 to stay in your car and used in the garden, and 1 for your bookshelves.)

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