5 Clever Ways to Recycle Reclaimed Wood

Conservation is a big issue because space remains the same while the number of people continues to increase. Resources are also dwindling yet more are needed. One way to address this problem is by reusing old materials, most especially timber as many forests are being stripped in order to obtain precious wood.

Wood is used in many fields, most especially construction. Because of this, it’s truly important to utilize timber wisely and reuse wood whenever possible. You can obtain this just about anywhere. But if you have some wood planks lying around or if you’re cutting an old dying tree, or maybe if you’ve been to a house that’s being torn down, you can acquire wood sections that you can recycle in various creative ways.

1. Create art with wood pallets. Most people won’t think twice about throwing away wood pallets because they don’t think that they can do something useful with them. They’re wrong. Wood pallets are wonderful materials for home accessories, like chandeliers, as well as accent walls or dividers. These can be painted or decorated and used as wall art as well. Using basic handyman skills, there are also many ways to build artistic chairs or stools, and dividers with them. To make the wood shine, the pallets should be polished and varnished. But you can also paint them with the color that you prefer.

2. Use recycled wood to make furniture. The grain and texture of wood make it an ideal material for furniture. Weather-beaten timber also looks rustic yet elegant, and these can be made into shelves, outdoor seats, tables, and also doors. When building something with wood, your imagination is the limit. Even used timber can be transformed into unique and breathtaking pieces.

3. Build new things out of old barn doors. Barn doors, particularly those that are in farm houses, are made from very durable kinds of hardwood. So the next time that you see an old farm being demolished, it might be worth your while if you drop by there and see if you can get hold of a barn door that would have been allowed to just rot and deteriorate. There are so many ways to recycle old barn doors, which are actually used more and more by designers who often decorate modern homes and buildings. Headboards, sliding wood doors, shelves, tables, and dividers are just a few options that you can consider.

4. Bring order into your home with wood shelves or cabinets. If you have basic handyman skills, it will be quite easy for you to put up wooden shelves or make cabinets. These pieces will really help you to organize your things better. Plus, any kind of wood furnishing will give your space a warmer and more elegant ambiance.

5. Use wood in your garden. If you have a few wood planks that are just lying around or maybe an old wood door, you can actually use this in your garden. A lot of people have created unique plant pots using reclaimed timber. Others also use wood to make garden plots. In time, these will deteriorate, which means that you might have to build new ones again using recycled materials.

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